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Guess whose back? Back again...

♥ | Posted: May 18th | ♥
Heyyyyy babyyyyy! I bet you are wondering, "Jordyn, why the heck do you have so much new content?" We'll guys I went a little sitemodel cray-cray & downloaded hundreds of rare sitemodel images from Tumblr. I have literally been looking for content / making content for the past 10 hours. I am trying to make up for the fact that I have not updated much. I have done a few thing here and there but this is the most content I have posted in about a month. I will try & update even more in the next couple days. I want to focus on adding more tutorials for you guys. I did do a simple sign tutorial today which I like. If you guys want to see anything more or specific shoot me a comment in the cbox to let me know. Also, please do not steal any of my rares since it took so long to find them. You can use them only if you comment letting me know that you do. I left credit off the images to make it easier for you guys to use them but do not say you found them unless you actually did on your own & did not find them here. K thanks :) bye babes <3

Holy updates, Batman!!!!

♥ | Posted: April 26nd | ♥
If you have not noticed I have done tonnnnssss of updates on the site. There was no specific reason for the updates except I was superrrr bored and wanted to update this site because it has definately been a long time. I really hope you guys are enjoying all the new tutorials. If you guys want any specific tutorials made I will be happy to look them up and make the tutorial. Just comment in the cbox what you want to learn / know.

Lately I have been binge watching Iron Fist on Netflix and omgggg guys this show is crazy. *spoiler alert* I just finished the episode where Danny found Harold's blood in his "secret" apartment. Guyyyysssssss I can't believe Ward killed his own dad. I don't understand his drug thing so I hope they explain that more in the future. & can I randomly just say I am so gald Claire Temple is in this show. I LOVED her on Daredevil! If you guys have any recommendations for other shows let me know! I tend to finish my shows within a couple days depending on how many season there are. Until later babes <3 <3 <3

Brand new layouttttt <3

♥ | Posted: April 25nd | ♥
Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of updates on this site. One of my cousins died from an overdose and it's been crazy here at my house. My cousin who died, Ashley, left behind a little girl named Beatrice and my aunt is sick so she hasn't been able to help watch her so me and my sister have kind of taken over that responsibility. It's been really stressful. I also lost my job because I had to miss a lot of days of work to watch Bea but that's life. So maybe you guys will see a lot more updates on the site because of it. But let me know what you guys think of the new layout. I found it at Parisfalls. Make sure to check out their site and send them some love.

I also just started dating this really awesome guy. I have been friends with him for a loooooooong time but we recently decided to start dating and it's been going really well. He has been a big help during all my drama. So I am in a really good mood because of him even though it's been a hard couple of weeks. So shoutout to my babe! My life would suck without you. & thank you to all my affies for help supporting the site. Make sure you guys follow me on Twitter and Facebook too. I have the links up on the navigation menu. Make sure to like and follow!